What lifestyle challenge impacts your everyday life the most?

For me, it’s the menopause and I know many of my clients find this phase of life very challenging too.

One thing I know is that the food I eat and the focus on good lifestyle habits has a big impact on alleviating my symptoms, allowing me to continue pursuing my passions with energy and vitality. As a nutritionist, I don’t subscribe to faddy diets, but Accidentally Vegan as a lifestyle choice is so compelling that I gave it a go and I now feel the benefits enormously. I share this natural approach with my clients, increasing their understanding of how the body is changing at this time and discussing the ways they can help themselves, both before and during menopause.
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May Simpkin Nutritionist

Is this you?

  • Are you tired of battling constant cravings?

  • Are you struggling to lose weight?

  • Are you suffering from digestive discomfort like bloating?

  • Are you confused as to what you need to eat to feel good?

  • Are you worried you’re not feeding yourself nutritiously?

  • Are you tired of the daily exasperation of “What to eat or what to cook for dinner”

  • Are you tired…. of being tired all the time?

I get it!

I have helped 100s of clients regain control of their daily eating habits; replacing unsatisfying and unhealthy quick fixes with wholesome nutritious food.

In truth, unless you know how to do this, you’ll probably end up making choices that you perceive to be the right ones, when in fact you’re actually sabotaging your efforts.
Let me help you!

Accidentally Vegan

Your Lifestyle Game Changer

  • 1

    Accidentally Vegan: INTRODUCTION

    • Welcome to Accidentally Vegan

    • Preparing your mindset

    • Your Vegan Mindset

    • What does Vegan Actually Mean?

    • Vegan vs Plant-Based

    • Is Fully Vegan For You?

    • Accidentally Vegan: 3-Step Programme

    • Going Vegan in 3 Simple Steps

  • 2


    • AV Recipe Book_May Simpkin

  • 3

    Accidentally Vegan: MODULE 1 - Building your knowledge

    • Introduction to AV Module 1

    • How does food impact our health?

    • Nutrition & Protein as a Vegan

    • Protein: nutritionally speaking

    • Which protein foods to eat: cheat-sheet

    • Signs you’re not getting enough protein

    • MODULE 1: Summary

  • 4

    Accidentally Vegan: MODULE 2 - Meal planning and shopping

    • Module 2 Introduction

    • Meal planning and preparation

    • Meal planning in 3 steps

    • Vegetarian food staples

    • Vegan food staples

    • Shopping as a Vegan - Fresh Vegetables

    • Shopping as a Vegan - Non-Diary Proteins

    • Shopping as a Vegan - Wholegrains

    • Shopping as a Vegan - Vegan specialities & Ready Meals

    • Vegan Shopping Guide

    • What to Eat in a Day

    • Vitamin B12

    • Module 2: Summary

  • 5

    Accidentally Vegan: MODULE 3 - Common Concerns

    • Module 3 Introduction

    • B12

    • Is a cheat day ok?

    • Is a cheat day ok?

    • BONUS RESOURCES: How much protein do you need: cheat-sheet

    • BONUS RESOURCES: Common Protein Myths: True or False?

    • Eating Vegan FAQs: Cheat Sheet

    • BONUS RESOURCES: Protein - Essential and Non-Essential

    • BONUS RESOURCES: Are you making these kitchen mistakes?

    • BONUS RESOURCES: My Kitchen Essentials

  • 6

    Beyond this course

    • Beyond Accidentally Vegan

    • BONUS RESOURCES: The Mediterranean Diet - an alternative way of eating

    • Health Retreats

    • Final Address

    • Before you go...

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